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Not all idea deserve a product

Maybe I was wrong. But should your idea be a product?

A new product called “Hey, Siri” was featured by ProductHunt made me quite confused. It’s just a collection of Siri commands. I wouldn’t be shocked like this if it was just a blog post. I don’t know where the original idea came. Maybe “Ok Google” was featured a month ago and gained 1239 upvotes gives the reason.


I have seen lots product like this. They have some interesting similarities:

  • Have fancy front-end tech and minimalist UI
  • Mostly are SPA or just SP
  • The main contents are collections of something
  • Visitor probably never came back
  • Probably died after a few weeks

Let me explain why I think it’s not a product.

The first, it’s not convenient when users are using or about to use Siri. The nature reaction of users is just saying what they want rather than looking up an appropriate sentence on your web page. Siri itself already has a basic introduction.

Second, Siri doesn’t need it to train users. Siri should understand commonly used words. How to make Siri understand you shouldn’t be users’ job. Otherwise, Artificial intelligence would be ridiculous.

ProductHunt should take the responsibility to filter product like this out of the featured collection. This beautiful web page more like a showcase in the author’s resume rather than a product for users.

Visitors should give more valuable feedbacks. Comments like “It’s cool!”, “Great job!” contributed nothing. And the makers should understand upvotes on ProductHunt doesn’t reflect the value of your work or give you real reputation.

I understand making a successful product is extremely hard to developers and entrepreneurs. But making useless toys for earning upvotes is not the right way.