Week 44, 2019 - No Web 2.0

From Marc’s article1 written in 2007:

There’s no such thing as Web 2.0. What happens when startups start getting referred to as “Web 2.0 startups” – or for that matter, “B2B startups” or “mobile startups” or “pen computing startups” – or as being in the Web 2.0/B2B/mobile/pen computing “space” – is that trends are getting mistaken for markets and products.

You can’t build a company based on a trend. Trends are obvious, and there’s no startup opportunity in the obvious. You have to build a company based on a new kind of product (or service – I am using the terms interchangeably) and you have to take that product to a market.

It frankly doesn’t really matter which trends, or design patterns, you incorporate into your product. If the product is compelling to the market, it will succeed. If not, it will fail.

雪球速度法是一种读书方法,原理是通过高速循环阅读积累,加快读书速度、帮助深度理解,并且延长记忆时间。 在读一新本书之前,先按照以下顺序积累资料库:

  1. 两到三分钟内,把反复看目录十遍。
  2. 五到六分钟内,把前言和后记反复看五遍以上。
  3. 五到六分钟内,想看报纸一样浏览全书文本,基本只看标题。
  4. 十五分钟内,反复看文本,逐步扩大阅读范围,比如只看阅读标题、副标题,和感兴趣的部分。
  5. 接着重复,通过高速大量循环,逐步看完整本书。