Week 3, 2020 - Dark Matter Developers

Scott Hanselman wrote in 2012:

The web insists on moving things forward at an rate that makes people feel unable to keep up. Lots of technologies don’t iterate at this speed, nor should they. Where are the dark matter developers? Probably getting work done.

Another article IT runs on Java 8 by Vicki Boykis:

What I’m worried about is that places like Hacker News, r/programming, the tech press, and conferences expose us to a number of tech-forward biases about our industry that are overenthusiastic about the promises of new technology without talking about tradeoffs. That the loudest voices get the most credibility, and, that, as a result, we are listening to complicated set-ups and overengineering systems of distributed networking and queues and serverless and microservices and machine learning platforms that our companies don’t need, and that most other developers that pick up our work can’t relate to, or can even work with.

Yes, most times, boring technology works just fine.