Week 8, 2020 - Slow

From Chelsea Wald’s Why Your Brain Hates Slowpokes:

Slow things drive us crazy because the fast pace of society has warped our sense of timing. It creates expectations that can’t be rewarded fast enough – or rewarded at all. When things move more slowly than we expect, our internal timer even plays tricks on us, stretching out the wait, summoining anger out of proportion to the delay.

It’s possible to revive patience by resetting our internal timers and unwrap time. Research has shown meditation and mindfulness helps with impatience, although it’s not entirely clear why.

DeSteno found that gratitude is a mental shortcut to more patience. People who did a short writing exercise about someting for which they were grateful were more patient.

To make myself more patient, I plan to try

  1. regularly do some things aimless and meaningless
  2. look for the positive side in everything that happens to me.
  3. write down steps when doing boring things, make false rewards to the internal timer.