Week 11, 2020 - Sharing Goals

From Laura Vanderkam’s article The Case for Keeping Your Goals to Yourself:

Sharing goals with other people feels like a way to hold yourself accountable, but it can be self-sabotaging

Indentity goals are tied not to a concrete outcome but to who you’re as a person, such as being a good parent. They are unmeasurable and unspecific. Some research suggests that sharing these goals can push you further away from who you want to become.

Without a concrete marker of success, you’re never truly done working toward it. Instead, you collect various indicators or symbols, bits of evidence supporting your aspired-to identity. If you don’t see many of these, this state of incompleteness urges you to move forward.

Announcing a indentity goal is already a positive indicator of your aspired-to identity. So it can sap away the motivation to actually do it.

In general, the benefits of sharing goal may depend on how accountable you feel to the audience. It depends on how tightly your identity is connected to being the sort of person who does what she says she will, even to people you don’t know.