Week 17, 2020 - Program Hopping

I read two articles from James Stuber and Tasshin Fogleman:

I’ve read some articles that advocate embracing boring stuff, but there are still a few new points I need to cite below:

The Dangers of Knowledge Seeking

  • Wasting our time.
  • Increased complexity means there are more failure modes.
  • Reading about the latest cutting-edge research makes you doubt your current plan.
  • Paralysis analysis: you can’t pick which program is best so you do nothing.
  • Program hopping: you switch between plans haphazardly.

Another article is on tooling. Its first paragraph is a good summary.

A good carpenter doesn’t use a swiss army knife; they have a toolbox. Each tool has a job to do, and each tool does that job well.

The reason why I recommend this article is that it explains why it is pleasant to change tools.

There is no such tool. There is no tool that is perfectly suited for every job, or for every use case. To seek such a tool is fraught with danger. Not only do we waste time switching to the new tool, we feel good while doing so. Exporting tasks and importing notes feels like progress, but nothing actually happens. We become Program Hoppers for productivity tools, only moving sideways.