Week 19, 2020 - One Year

Every day I am exposed to a massive amount of information. Since one year ago, I’ve been sharing one or two of them to this blog weekly.

I still find it hard to believe I’ve been doing it for a year. The knowledge I’ve learned over the past year has completely changed how I process information and think. I started making my Zettelkasten tool. So the records will go there. To here, I’d like to share some summaries and experiences.

Some articles I’d like to share this week:

  1. Keybindings strategies in Emacs by Samuel Barreto.
  2. Do Things that Don’t Scale by Paul Graham.
  3. Why Auto Increment Is A Terrible Idea by Clément Delafargue.
  4. 4 Types of Mindsets by Corbin Lang.